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I want to help you create long lasting habits to make fitness into a permanent lifestyle. This journey is as much mental as physical. The psychological benefits of exercise are often over looked. Besides an increase in self-esteem, it can also reduce stress levels and anxiety, things we all suffer from in todays ever changing and demanding world.

Your body, mind and health are important elements and everything that is important, should be treated with love and care.

i will show you the path

We are all able to achieve our goals and it does not have to be difficult to get there,
sometimes it is best to simplify the process and break it down into steps.

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Training plan

Enhance your body & mind with a tailored workout program that has been specifically designed to match your current lifestyle and future goals, whether it be home, gym or outside, shaping yourself into a better future you!

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Good communication is a game changer, with the correct guidance, feedback and motivation I will make sure you are never in doubt and feel left out, I will be the pillar you can lean against supporting you all the way throughout your journey.


Nutrition plan

Fuel your body & mind with healthy energy that will be the foundation to make you live a long and happy life, with a custom meal plan you will be introduced to new delicious and super energetic meals that you never knew existed.

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Personal Tracker

You will get access to your own app, where you always have your plans at hand so you can follow your progress, staying consistent and knowing what your next milestone is!

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I am currently a u18 midfielder playing for Arsenal FC. 

During my off season at u15 level I trained with Patrick all the way up to the start of pre-season. We worked on maintaining my fitness levels whilst still allowing me to recuperate during the off season and we worked on my sprinting technique and actual flat speed without a football. 

At first working with Patrick was challenging as he pushed me to my limits. However the results were astounding as I returned to pre-season the fittest I’d ever been with an extra yard of pace!

I would recommend Patric to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness levels.

I’ve learned so much from Patrick Hutchinson, not only about getting in shape, but also about how the different muscles connect and work. I see definition in my shoulders for the first time. My legs are toned and defined and I definitely lost a few inches around my stomach.

He as also given sound advice on nutrition which has helped immensely.

I feel confident I have the tools to continue exercising on my own and the knowledge I gained from Patrick will benefit both me and my family for the rest of our lives.

I started training with Coach Pat during the rugby off season.  My aim was to utilise this period to work on particular areas of my performance, more specifically Cardiovascular Endurance, Power, Agility and Speed.  Coach Pat created a training programme that focused on my specific individual needs, designed to push me outside of my comfort zone and help achieve my goals.  

The training was intense and Coach Pat insisted that every movement was executed with efficiency and correct technique. I was challenged physically and mentally, always supported by Coach motivating and encouraging me to give 110%. After I finished the training regime; I was fitter, stronger, faster and more explosive.

I have a lot of respect for Coach Pat as he has a wide range of sports knowledge and he has elevated my level of performance and allowed me to pursue my goals of being a pro rugby player.

I started my training journey with patrick In January 2016.
My goal was to lose weight and tone up and boy did Patrick push me to the limits
from hill sprints, full body, to HIIT, to pad work.

Patrick would say there are the exercises we like and the exercises we don’t like, and we will be incorporating both. He always says “consistency is key” to get results , along with a healthy diet.

What I like most training with patrick, is that he always encourages and motivates me to push myself that little bit further, changing up the workouts to shock the body.

I was at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been when I began this journey (13st) and now with consistent training I am able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Last year during the first lockdown, I realised that I had put on weight and was not feeling as energetic as I use to. I contacted Patrick about becoming my PT.
Patrick asked me few questions about what I wanted to achieve and how he would be able to help me achieve those goals.

He gave a few dietary tips and exercise pointers to do outside of our training sessions. I found Patrick to have a methodical approach to training techniques and he concentrated on me performing the exercises in the right manner, so not to injure myself.

Within a very short space of time, I started to lose weight and my energy levels went up.

I found Patrick’s positive attitude really kept me going, when I thought I could not reach goals that he had set me. I’ve really enjoyed training with Patrick and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a PT and I am truly grateful for his support.

At first training with Patrick had me filled with trepidation as I had heard he was hardcore. Fortunately for me he was also well mannered, personable and totally committed to our fitness goals. I say ‘our’ because he saw my goals as his also. It was his goal to get me to mine. With a PT that dedicated to you, how can you fail?

The workouts were based upon exercises I liked so this enabled me to remain consistent even when not training with Patrick. He has re-ignited my love affair with fitness and with Patricks help I am now considering competing!

Training with Patrick is always exciting, he mixes it up with HIIT, weights and body weight. He is also mindful of my back issues and is happy to offer alternative exercises for me. Patrick is a true motivator and pushes me to be my best!

Training with Patric has been a life changing experience. For me the time away from work was invaluable and i can honestly say health and fitness is now a lifestyle because of Patrick.

We are about 75% of the way and there is still some work to do. No doubt we’ll have plenty of fun in the process! Patrick genuinely cares, that’s what unique about him!

Training with Patrick Hutchinson has turned my life around. I’ve achieved my goals that were set and continue to train with him. He’s very encouraging, friendly and motivating.

Top man!!

i got your back

all the way

I’m embarking on this online coaching journey because I believe I can have a huge impact on the lives of individuals who want to finally do something for themselves. Those people who always put others first and leave their needs in second place. Well, there’s finally someone putting you first. ME!

I believe that healthier and happier individuals will ultimately create a better world for us all.

Let’s all be the change we want to see in the world.

No one is promised tomorrow, spend today wisely.

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